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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Theme Thursday Meme SPACE March 10, 2011

Our Space - Home Sweet Home
One of the benefits of having your own space,
is using it as you will, when you want too!


  1. a bit less space, eh? and what's a horse door? :)

    Vinay @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  2. Great little space you have there! I enjoyed hearing you talk about your cottage in the team thread the other day...I can just tell how much you love it!

  3. It's really nice to have a space you feel is home, isn't it?

  4. Beautiful spaces, love the decor.

  5. can you cook on the stove? it looks like a refrigerator on top... So cute! Didn't you say something about the door being about to open from the top only? Looks like you made yourself at home {:-D

  6. A cottage is the purrfect home when filled with the things you love and especially the furbabies!


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