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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fence Post

Comparatively, this is a small pasture, close to my studio.  It is surrounded by upscale neighborhoods, business and fairly steady traffic.  Such a wonderful sight to see with all of that!

Needless to say, I so enjoyed this photo shoot.  The first time I arrived to practice with my new camera, all of the cows ran away.  The second visit, after I purchased a new camera lens, I was scritching them.  One especially took to liking this and would move her head up and down against my hand ... it was so much fun to share time with her and her antics.  Geez, these things are strong!


  1. What a great pic! So neat that she would let you pet her!

  2. Re, I just LOVE your eye--you get the coolest shots! This is great!

    Thanks for joining the Friday Fence Post party!

  3. Beautiful photo :) I love that you get a little peace in all the hustle and bustle :)

  4. what a cute photo. Cow looks like s/he is posing! {:-D


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