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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Caravan Beads sent an email this week that I found interesting and informative.  The following are excerpts:    "We received a letter earlier this month from the factory that produces our C-Lon threads and cords. Due to out-of-control increases in their raw materials costs, they are raising prices by 8% effective March 28th. C-Lon is made of nylon, and one of nylon's ingredients is oil which recently hit a two-year high in price." 
"The factory also warned that they might have to raise prices again later in the year depending on whether their costs stabilize or continue to increase."
If you use C-Lon, you may want to place your order today!

"... Miyuki, their employees and factory are fine and they do not forsee any interruptions to their production or shipping. The Miyuki factory is in the southern part of Japan, about 900 km (560 miles) from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant complex, so nowhere near the region struck by the earthquake and tsunami. Miyuki also keeps a large stock of raw materials for making beads at the factory so there are no concerns about supply shortages."

"Unfortunately some companies here are attempting to use the tragedy in Japan as a way to boost short-term sales. We had a call yesterday from a customer who had been told by one of the Miyuki importers that the USA was going to ban all bead imports from Japan because of radiation, and urged her to stock up NOW!"


Thought that you would like to be in the know too ...


  1. Oh yes, Corporate greed is very common. That is most likely the reason the gas prices are skyrocketing. I just saw that the oil companies are posting huge profits on the stockmarket. :-)

  2. And still we subsidize the oil companies!

    Thanks for the info JuJu!


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