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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Theme Thursday Meme March 24, 2011 - Paper

Where would the world be without paper? It has thousands of different uses and is used throughout the world many times in a day. Paper is largely used to write or print on, but it is also used in packaging, napkins and paper towel, toilet paper and some countries even use it as a food product.

History of Paper
  • The ancient Sumerians used clay tablets to write.
  • The ancient Egyptians used papyrus as a writing material. This was much better than writing on clay tablets. Papyrus was made from beaten strips of papyrus plants. There is evidence showing that the Egyptians used papyrus as early as 3700 BC. They later exported papyrus to Greek and Rome. The word ‘paper’ comes from the Greek work for ‘papyrus’.
  • From about 1600 to 250 BC, the ancient Chinese wrote on bamboo strips or bone. These were heavy and difficult to transport.
  • The first ‘paper’ was invented in ancient China sometime around 200 BC. However, this paper was made very differently modern paper.
  • Cai Lun, a court official during the Han Dynasty in China, is credited with inventing ‘modern’ paper. He first made paper from rags and plant fibers in 105 AD. While the papermaking process has changed throughout the years, modern paper is still quite similar to that made by Cai Lun. Paper became widely used as a writing implement by the 3rd century (200-300 AD).

The Thursday Meme often gives me the exciting opportunity to feature some of my very talented and artistic etsybloggers teammates.  Be amazed with me at the variety of paper materials, and designs. 

Donna Pool ~ Cat Note Cards

Mr. PenQuin ~ Paper Flower Accents

Rose Works Jewelry ~ Multicolored Paper Beads

Please stop, take a few moments to explore the artists shops, you may find a gift for you or someone else, and help the handmade artisan and movement at the same time.


  1. I just love paper. It is one of my favorite crafting supplies and every time I am in a craft store I can't resist buying paper that just seems cool. Embossed, thick, thin, whatever and I boxes of paper. It is just so versatile. Interesting post on the origins of paper. hmmmm I could sure use some papyrus for my paper collection! :-)

  2. Great post. I love the background history along with the novel, creative uses!


  3. Very cool...but I did get oooked out by the bugs - yick :P

  4. Fun post -- and I love the paper beads!

  5. I don't go a single day without writing myself a note and using paper in my crafts :)

  6. 10,000 Villages a nonprofit store that sells international goods where the artisans receive fair compensation has some amazing bowls made from recycled paper. Great post about paper, loved it.

  7. Interesting facts and finds!

  8. fun facts on paper.
    beautiful crafts.

  9. Great take on the prompt. Love the historical information as well as all the wonderful craft projects. Creative.

  10. Interesting post about paper--I enjoyed it. Thanks also for featuring my paper flower accents!

  11. Those are such cool finds, and I really enjoyed getting some history on paper, too! I love paper soooo much--Joann's and Michael's are Very Dangerous Places for me, lol!

  12. I almost went down the road talking bout paper wasps too! Wonderful post. I love the paper beads!

  13. I love paper and paper crafts! fun stuff! I even made paper in a class once.

  14. I love all sorts of paper. I'm making paper beads at the moment - ruthie's are pretty! {:-D


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