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Monday, March 28, 2011

Jumping Off Places ... Week 5 or 6? April 1, 2011

Week 4:  A bead of perspiration rolled from my temple down across my cheek. Or was it a tear? Why won't she love me is my last thought as my head hits the open bottom drawer. Dizziness overwhelmed and scared me, and I knew, this is not normal.

Week 5:  Smoke filled the room like a cloudy day.  No I realize with head spinning, everything is blurry.  I cry out in pain... disbelief is mixed with tears, I hear mothers mocking laughter.  Why did this just happen?  What could be so evil to deserve such harsh consequences?  Everyone in the kitchen is just standing there, no one moves to help, take a stand, comfort and protect a little girl?  Condem the mother/wife for what she has just done?

Alone in confusion, hurt to the core, in the gut for the first time that can be remembered, too young to process the combination of all that is happening.  It comes to me, move. Escape. It is then she realizes that there is no escape. There will never be. Never.

Slumped back toward the kitchen, alone, heading toward my bedroom and all of the stuffed animal friends who love me.


  1. Re- You have captured a very sad moment. Thanks for participating in Jumping Off Places!

  2. Very sad story indeed! This one is full of emotion.

  3. I feel like crying... Now write the rest of the story and get published!

    But on a happier note, I appreciated your comment on my 'Chef Noli' post -- I wrote a whole email back to you and then realized you were one of those 'no reply' people :D Anyway, I agree - teach them and let them do for themselves! We also let them make their own decisions (with our approval, of course) but the agreement was that they complete whatever they decided to do/join and not back out and let down others/team members.

    (Hope you don't mind my replying here....)

  4. There is certainly a lot of emotion in that. You are a great writer and totally pulled me in.

  5. A very sad story...but such great writing! You and Erika are so great at this! I wish I had half your talent for writing! (And beading!)

  6. pain...captured so well. painful pain.

  7. Thank you all so very much for your comments, and compliments. I have always enjoyed writing, but felt like I lost my touch for many, many years. This group/meme has certainly aided me into bringing it out again!


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