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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011 Meme - "FACE"

a. The surface of the front of the head from the top of the forehead to the base of the chin and from ear to ear.
b. A person: We saw many new faces on the first day of classes. 
2. A person's countenance: a happy face.

3. A contorted facial expression; a grimace: made a face at the prospect of eating lemons.
4. Facial cosmetics: put one's face on.
5. Outward appearance: the modern face of the city.
a. Value or standing in the eyes of others; prestige: lose face.
b. Self-assurance; confidence: The team managed to maintain a firm face even in times of great adversity.
7. Effrontery; impudence: had the face to question my judgment.
8. The most significant or prominent surface of an object, especially:
a. The surface presented to view; the front.
b. A fa├žade.
c. Outer surface: the face of the earth.
d. A marked side: the face of a clock; the face of a playing card.
e. The right side, as of fabric.
Morning Sky Creations
f. An exposed, often precipitous surface of rock.
9. A planar surface of a geometric solid.
10. Any of the surfaces of a rock or crystal.
11. The end, as of a mine or tunnel, at which work is advancing.
12. The appearance and geologic surface features of an area of land; topography.
13. Printing
a. A typeface or range of typefaces.
b. The raised printing surface of a piece of type.


  1. An interesting take on the theme....there really are so many meanings for such a tiny word. I love your graphics :)

  2. Love your imagery for this prompt.

  3. Interesting, different, and really creative!

  4. Very creative interpretation of the prompt!

  5. Great look at faces! Thanks for featuring my kitty faces too!

  6. Wow! You're good! I couldn't have come up with half!

    Thanks for making me think today!

  7. Thank you all for your thought and comments. I am thankful to you for spending some time with us ... me, myself, and te world!

  8. Wow...such a common word, but I had no idea it had so many meanings!


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