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Sunday, April 24, 2011

'Breathtaking' treasure dug up in backyard

VIENNA – A man turning dirt in his back yard stumbled onto buried treasure — hundreds of pieces of centuries-old jewelry and other precious objects that Austrian authorities described Friday as a fairy-tale find.

Austria's department in charge of national antiquities said the trove consists of more than 200 rings, brooches, ornate belt buckles, gold-plated silver plates and other pieces or fragments, many encrusted with pearls, fossilized coral and other ornaments. It says the objects are about 650 years old and are being evaluated for their provenance and worth.

While not assigning a monetary value to the buried bling, the enthusiastic language from the normally staid Federal Office for Memorials reflected the significance it attached to the discovery.

"Fairy tales still exist!" said its statement. "Private individual finds sensational treasure in garden."
It described the ornaments as "one of the qualitatively most significant discoveries of medieval treasure in Austria."

This find is stunning!  What would you do if it were you?


  1. Wow...wish I could find something that cool in my backyard! I'd have a hard time telling anyone...I'd want to keep it all to myself :)


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