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Friday, April 22, 2011

Etsybloggers April 25th, 2011 Blog Carnival by Alice's Owl

Alice's Owl ... I just love this name of her etsy shop and blog!!!

3): Share with us your favorite part of April. What about it is so special to you? Why? Do you remember it from childhood? Did a special friend introduce the two of you? Did you discover it yourself while out on a bike ride or spring stroll? Perhaps you just were pulled to it and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then. Show it to us, describe it to us, make it our favorite part of April too!

I'd met him for time the first that warm night.  Unbeknownest to me, it was the evening that would later change my life, and that of my children, forever.

Knowing him for a couple of years before we had our first date on my birthday, however I will never forget that fateful evening when I was first introduced to my future husband by my then boyfriend.

Friendships can be fragil and ours was. Kim and I had hit it off, and shared margaritas by the pool one summer afternoon to toast my birthday.  A couple of weeks later I was attempt to avoid her sons birthday pool  party at the house, because I knew that he would be there, afterall it was his home, and my heart was in no mood scared to fall in love, I comminted it to be so.

That week I mailed Pete's birthday gift knowing I would not attend his party, afterall Kim said that Rob was dating his ex-girlfriend again.

The afternoon that Pete's gift arrived at the house, Kim called to inquire.  After some pressure, my o]position was explained.  She understood.  That evening, the phone ran again, this time it was him!  Heart thumping, hands sweating ... he said, "I heard that you were not coming to Pete's party?" God, if he would only talk forever ...  It was a question.  I would need to talk.  Gulp! 

Finding my voice, I told Rob that it would be best that I not be there.  He said, "I want for you to be here" ... a little less that two years later we married our best friends, each other.  April 1, we celebrated aout 11th year of marriage to one another.  Often, my heart still skip-thumps when I see him.

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