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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Oh how I love photography!  Bought a new camera, then of course had to have a longer lens, and then a card that holds a gianormous amount of pictures.  Then there came that special day that I was able to share an outing with a most special friend, to a very special place, for the sole purpose of photographing.

My wonderful, and most talented friend Nicole and I spent yesterday walking the grounds of the Ringling Museum of Art.  Nicole lives here for about six months of the year (I don't like it when she goes, but they soon will be here on a more permanent basis), and the rest of her time in Montreal with her husband of about thirty years.  A self-taught beadweaver and photographer, as well as an expert knitter, as well as teacher of all.  Nicole and I  became fast friends soon after I took a bead crochet class she taught at a local bead shop.

It has become one of those rarer of relationships that us four, as couples, all enjoy one anothers company, and when her husband is in town he and my husband share their passion of fishing! 

This is my first collage.  You will be able to click on it to enlare it, and I hope that you may find something of interest.  Some full designs will be coming along soon as I continue to become one with my new camera and lenses, and rejoice in learning from Nicole.



  1. what a great collage! I see a bunch of roses! {:-D

  2. You have a very artistic eye! Great photos!
    My favorite thing to photograph is flowers :)

  3. fun! what a great collage! the flowers are so lovely


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