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Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is my 4th annual participation in the amazing F.A.B. show.  A unique, and well planned event that is the combination of four local guilds: 

Florida West Coast Bead Society
Manasota Weavers Guild, Inc.
Surface Design Guild
Venetian Society of Basket Weavers

Last night was the opening, with wall to wall people/potential buyers!  Champagne, gourmet foods with an Asian theme, very refreshing fruit punch (thank you Bobby Flay and the Food Network), all prepared by volunteers of the guilds, and well received.  This first nights sales exceeded last years, which was the best in the history of F.A.B., by almost $4,000

I took these photographs today (Friday) ... stand by for more.  This is truly an event of many talented artisans, and I wish that all of you could be in attendance.

My display table partner has beadweaving talent I strive to achieve.


  1. Sounds like a great event! I hope it was very successful for you!


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