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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So much fun, so little hours in a day!

Dear Readers,

For these past several years I have marveled that I have an artists bone in my body, yet recently I purchased a new camera and childhood memories have come flooding back into my spirit!

Though my awesome Panasonic Lumix camera is new to me, it has been used by a friend of a friend for about a year since it was purchased.  In mint condition and at half of the original cost, with two batteries, one lens, and many of the goodies associated, she has finally become my new friend.  It was worth the wait, as it took me a few months to slowly earn the extra money to make the final purchase.

Not satisfied using only the lens included, my friend is now wearing a new zoom outfit whose sight has been increased with the recent purchase of a longer range lens.  Ahhh, the purchasing outfits of a camera can be daunting one has discovered.... LOL  I am now in the market for a real good macro lens.  Did I say macro?  Woot! ... the learning curve!

It is wonderful to remember receiving my very first camera for my 10th birthday ... it was all I wanted.  No one explained the cost to have the film developed, thus the inventive ways to raise income.  Door to door selling Christmas cards from a catalog, babysitting, allowance, extra chores, helping neighbors, and of course the expectation of holiday and birthday money!  An inner artist was discovered.

It has been thirty something years since I have had a camera that I can change out the lenses, nevermind the invention of digital photography, experimenting has taken over an important parts of my thoughts and feelings.

Can you imagine being giddy over getting my first library card in twenty years!  Picked out two photography books, and one to help me through Photoshop Elements 9. 

Bless my six or seven year old point and shoot digital camera, she has done me well and will continue to travel with me.  Never travel with one camera, I have been told that something is bound to happen causing the necessity for a back up.

Ok, ready for one of my first outing photographs?

My spirit is souring

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